Our Work

Since the Community Center first opened its doors in 1992, it has been providing food and clothing to its clients.  Today the food pantry remains at the core of the Center, but the range of services we offer has greatly expanded.  We continually seek to identify and assess the changing needs and resources of the community, and modify our programs to best meet these needs. 

In addition to providing food and clothing for thousands of households across more than 38 communities in Northern Westchester, we offer a range of classes and special programs, and work directly with our clients to assist them in gaining access to  other resources, including health care, education, and social services.

Our services are offered free of charge to all who need help -- new arrivals, as well as residents who have deep roots in the community.

The Center's Food Pantry helps to fill the gaps for more almost 3,000 families in more than 38 Northern Westchester communities.  

The Clothing Boutique helps to relieve the burden of clothing purchases for families, by offering them gently used clothing, free of charge.

Classes & Workshops designed to help individuals improve their job skills, manage on limited resources, and attain self-sufficiency. 

If you live in Northern Westchester and need help with food or clothing for you or your family, or have a specific problem and don't know how or where to get help, come see us.

The Center currently offers many services and resources for families in need in our community.