Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry

Fact: one in five residents in Westchester County is food insecure. According to the USDA's definition, food insecure families do not have "access at all times to enough food for active, healthy living."  By providing monthly supplemental food, the Community Center of Northern Westchester helped to fill this gap for almost 2,000 families in more than 38 Northern Westchester communities during 2019.

Since March we have had to change our pantry model to best serve the public while still maintaining social distancing and safety guidelines. In order to meet the urgent and immediate needs, we are distributing pre-bagged food at the back door of our Food Pantry for families in need. Each family is provided fresh fruits & vegetables, meat & eggs in addition to shelf stable canned and dry goods. We are giving each family extra food to help sustain them longer and we are providing essential toiletries such as Depends, feminine hygiene products, diapers and wipes to those who need.

Our pantry is a “choice” pantry, in which visitors to the Center choose the items they want within specified food categories, based on the size of their family.  The food we distribute represents about 5 days worth of food each month, and would cost a family of four approximately $100 at the supermarket.  In 2019, the Community Center gave out 422,193 pounds of food, including 116,572 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, during 8,660 visits to our pantry.

We welcome and depend on donations of food to help stock our Food Pantry. Click here to see where and when to donate food, and to see what foods we now need the most.

“I only come here when I really need the help...I take only what I need…the children need it more than me. The people are very nice here, and I feel very comfortable here, very much at home.”
— Dorothy P.