Scholarship Procedure and Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the Dowling Educational Scholarships.

The Committee that decides who will be awarded scholarships needs as much information as possible to make good decisions.

When completing the online application, please use this checklist to be sure that you have submitted all the necessary information.





Include information about yourself such as career goals, jobs you have or have had, or community service


Tell us why you need a scholarship and how you would use it


Include letters of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, employer, church official and community service provider


Include current report card or transcript, if appropriate


Submit application to Noya Guerrero by March 19th


If you are awarded a Dowling Educational Scholarship you will be notified in late April.

Any questions or concerns please contact Noya Guerrero, Client Services Manager, at or call 914.232.6572 ext 110.