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CrossTalk 2.0

Thanks to the everyone who supported the CrossTalk series. We're so grateful to the 10 speakers, who donated their time, the 140+ registrants whose generosity helped support the Community Center of Northern Westchester and the CrossTalk Committee who helped program, produce, moderate and promote this amazing series.

The CrossTalk series raised $9,500 for the Community Center. Over half the registrants accessed these programs at the affordable $5 registration fee, but many donated quite generously, THANK YOU!

CrossTalk 2.0 Speakers:  Bisa Butler, Farah Pandith, Antonio Delgado, Ken Jackson, Avery Trufelman, Brian Ackerman, Andy Revkin

Join us for a vibrant virtual program addressing this complex, uncertain and unprecedented moment in history.

The series features:

  • an exciting format (unrelated speakers on the same topic)
  • engaging speakers (renowned in social, political, cultural or spiritual arenas)
  • thought-provoking topics (exactly what you want to hear about now)
  • the opportunity to raise money to support the Community Center of Northern Westchester’s food bank (helping fill a critical need for food).

CrossTalk 2.0 is a reincarnation of the original CrossTalk series co-produced by the Katonah Museum of Art and the Katonah Village Library a decade ago. Each program in this summer’s series features two local leaders, juxtaposed in unlikely and seemingly unrelated pairings but tackling the same theme. During each 30-minute Zoom program, the speakers will explore a compelling topic, engage in lively conversation with each other and field questions from viewers.

Tuesday evenings from 6-6:30pm               
Registration required, $5 minimum donation, higher donations graciously accepted
PLEASE NOTE: Registration closes one hour before program start time.

ALL proceeds from this program will benefit the food pantry at the Community Center of Northern Westchester, with all speakers and organizers donating their time. The Center is supplying food to over 1,500 families a month and is registering 20-30 new families daily during this pandemic. The numbers of families coming to the center are triple the usual amount and the need continues to increase. Your support of CrossTalk 2.0 will help the Center sustain our neighbors in need. Thank you!


  • JUNE 30, 2020: Historian Kenneth Jackson with podcaster Avery Trufelman speaking about "Reimagining"  - Host: Mary Kane, Director, Katonah Village Library
  • JULY 7, 2020:  U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado (D-NY18) with Rabbi Aaron Brusso speaking about "Connectedness"  -  Host: Allison Chernow, Board Co-Chair, Rehabilitation Through the Arts
  • JULY 14, 2020: Foreign policy strategist Farah Pandith with JBFC Program Director Brian Ackerman speaking about "Resilience"  -  Host: Andy Kuhn, CLinical Psychologist/KVL Poetry Program
  • JULY 21, 2020: Artist Bisa Butler with holistic physician Michael Finkelstein speaking about "Change"  - Host: Michael Gitlitz, Executive Director, Katonah Museum of Art
  • JULY 28, 2020: Westchester Community College President Belinda Miles with environmental journalist Andy Revkin speaking about “Uncertainty”  Host: Ellen Calves, Program Director, Bedford 2020 and Bedford Town Board member.

Thank you to the CrossTalk Committee members and speakers who have generously donated their time, enabling ALL funds to go directly to support the Community Center's food pantry.

CrossTalk 2.0 Committee

Ellen Calves: Program Director, Bedford 2020/Member, Bedford Town Board Andrew Kuhn: Clinical Psychologist/KVL Poetry Program
Allison Chernow: Board Co-Chair, Rehabilitation* Through the Arts Karen Sabath: Board President, Bedford 2020
Michael Gitlitz: Executive Director, Katonah Museum of Art Karin Shiel: Board Co-Chair RTA/ Board Chair, Westchester Youth Alliance
Hans Hallunbaek: Director, Interfaith Prison Partnership Bart Tyler (adviser): Owner, Kelloggs & Lawrence
Mary Kane: Director Katonah Village Library