Sharing the Essentials of Living

We seek to improve the dignity, security and well-being of persons in our area by providing supplemental food and clothing and other resources to all who need it.

Food Pantry

Over the past year, 184 tons of food were distributed to families during over 7,300 Food Pantry visits.

Clothing Bank

83 tons of donated clothes, shoes and linens were distributed during more than 8,000 visits to our Clothing Bank.

Classes & Workshops

The Community Center of Northern Westchester offers a range of classes and workshops designed to help individuals improve their skills, manage on limited resources, and attain self-sufficiency.

Get Updates


Bedford Magazine provides some answers here, in a feature that appeared in a recent issue.


Coming Up

Each year, the Center helps students of limited means obtain that special outfit they need for prom night. We offer those students donated dresses, tuxedos, shoes and accessories so that they can attend their proms and graduation parties.
As the school year ends, we are busily collecting new school supplies for the start of the next school year, so we can provide hundreds of families of limited means with the items they need to get off to a great start in the fall. Please click here for a full list of what we need. Donations are much appreciated now through July, in order to help these kids in time for the start of school.


imageA team of 20 boys, grades 8–10, converged on our Community Center promptly at 8 am last Saturday. The Blue Devils soccer team, coached by Vincent Kwarula,... Read more

What We Need Now

Here are some foods we especially need now:

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dried and canned beans 
  • Hot and cold cereal 
  • Tuna and canned meat 
  • Cans of soup, beef stew and chili 
  • Pasta, rice and spaghetti sauce
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Fruit juice 
  • Baby food and diapers 
  • Dry or shelf-stable milk